February 23, 2021

What can we learn from our neighbours? Orogen and Kodiak Copper

What can we learn about our neighbours? Comparing Axe and Kodiak Copper's MDP

Earlier this week Kodiak Copper released some head turning drill results from the Gate Zone on their MPD copper-gold porphyry project, including 213 metres of 0.65% copper and 0.37 g/t gold and 171 metres of 0.62% copper and 0.43 g/t gold1. These intercepts add to the exceptional results released earlier in late 2020 and highlight the growth potential of the MPD property.

Orogen’s Axe property lies immediately adjacent to the MPD property (Figure 1) and by studying what worked for Kodiak our team of geologists have outlined an exciting new opportunity on Orogen’s mineral tenure.

The mineralization at the Gate Zone is atypical of the region since it is hosted in the eastern facies of the Nicola Group- traditionally thought to be the “wrong rocks”- and is associated with a magnetic low not the typical magnetic high “bulleyes” historically used in targeting.

The regional magnetics (Figure 2), regional geology and available historical data highlight the similarities between the 1516 zone on Orogen’s Axe property and Kodiak’s Gate zone.

Fig. 2: Correlation between total magnetic intensity and mineralization at Axe and MPD 

The 1516 zone displays the same magnetic low and is hosted in the same Eastern Facies rocks as the Gate Zone. The 1516 is outlined by a 2200 metre by 400 metre region of strongly anomalous copper in soils (Figure 3) and a broad chargeability anomaly.  Similarly, the discovery holes at the Gate Zone also targeted anomalous copper in soils and chargeability anomalies (Figure 4). 

Fig. 3: Copper in soils over total magnetic intensity at 1516
Copper in soils over RTP TMI Magnetics at MPD (2)

The 1516 Zone was previously overlooked because it was in the “wrong rocks” and it corresponds with a magnetic low. Previous exploration on the Axe property focused across the valley on targets that matched the local exploration concepts. Kodiak Copper’s discovery has changed the game and turned the 1516 target into a principal focus.

This represents an example of how our technical team evolves our exploration strategies in response to new revelations at both the technical and business levels, which can positively benefit properties in our portfolio.



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