Caldera-margin unconformity hosted gold occurrence

Located in Nevada

Gold mineralization hosted on the margin of a 30 Ma caldera complex.


The Cine Mountain project is located on the northwest extension of the Tybo mining district in Nye County approximately 75 km northeast of Tonopah, Nevada.


Historic exploration has focused on large zones of outcropping jasperoids with anomalous Au and trace elements. Two drill campaigns have been completed on the project targeting Carlin-type mineralization in Paleozoic sediments. No historic work has evaluated the volcanic hosted targets.

The Cine Mountain project covers a paleo-high on the margin of the 30 Ma Hot Creek caldera.  Mineralization crops out as large zones of jasperoid with anomalous Au, As, and Sb in Devonian carbonates.  The jasperoid zone extends for multiple kilometers and is coincident with a 2 km long Au in soil anomaly.  Northwest trending felsic dikes cut the Paleozoic section and have gold (50 ppb Au soil anomaly) as well as small zones of polymetallic mineralization on their margins.  Mineralized breccias cut both intrusions and sediments and contain coarse stibnite along with multi-gram gold in select rock chips. 

The strongest gold in rocks, soils, and stream sediments occurs where the system plunges under a large zone of kaolinite-altered volcanics to the northwest.  A property wide areomagnetics survey defines a strong magnetic low (magnetite destruction zone) in the lower volcanic package to the northwest which may be the untested feeder for the hydrothermal system.

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