Orogen holds 1% NSR royalty

Owned by Heliostar Metals


Cumaro is owned by Heliostar Metals and Orogen holds a 1% NSR royalty.

The Cumaro Property is located 45 kilometres from Las Chispas mine and 45 kilometers southeast of the Cananea copper mine. Bacoachi town is 130 miles from the United States-Mexico border crossing in Douglas, Arizona.

The Cumaro project is a low to intermediate sulphidation epithermal variety and the type of mineralization is typical of the silver-gold metallogenic of the Sierra Madre Occidental.


The main geological structures hosting the mineralized vein run for 1.5 kilometres and generally occur in Lower Volcanic Complex at, or near, the inferred contact between andesitic and felsic sequences.


Flexions and link veins in fault movements in the project are interpreted as dilatation portions at the fault zones, appearing locally to better accommodate development of higher-grade mineralized shoots.

Host rocks are andesitic extrusive rocks and trachytes or riodacites from early to mid-Tertiary periods.


The existing vein is almost unexplored, apart from limited sampling in small old works and is very similar in appearance to the Picacho vein.


This area warrants detailed mapping and sampling, probably to be followed by drilling.

Within the claim, a high approximate level of depth is exposed within the epithermal environment with intensity kaolinite-silica-hematite alteration controlled by linear structures that traverse part of the Cumaro property. The quartz-calcite veins in the property represent the upper part of the vein interval where there is gold and silver mineralization.

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