Rhyolite dome hosted steam heated alteration cell in the Walker Lane

Located in Nevada

Gold mineralization below a large (8 km2) steam heated acid sulfate alteration cell associated with a Miocene rhyolite flow dome complex.


The Elba project is located about 60 kilometers (37 miles) WSW of Tonopah in Esmeralda County, Nevada.


Limited historic exploration including reverse circulation drilling was completed on the project by Pegasus Gold Corp. (1988-1989).  Most of the drilling targeted outcropping gold-bearing quartz veins and breccias south of the target area.  Three holes were drilled in the Orogen target area reaching a maximum depth of 380 feet.  The historic holes hit anomalous mercury up to 10 ppm and gold up to 0.3 ppm.

The Elba project covers the northeast 4 km2 of a large 8 km2 steam heated alteration cell hosted by a rhyolite flow dome complex. Alteration is dominated by pervasive alunite + chalcedony replacement of breccias with mercury values up to 20 ppm. Breccias and altered domes define an annular zone cored by a large recessive area mostly covered by shallow alluvium. Small altered exposures in the central portion of the target include milled hydrothermal breccias with leached silica textures and cross-cutting chalcedonic silica veins. No drilling has targeted this area, or any of the steam heated alteration at the appropriate depth for gold mineralization.

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