Hydrothermal system in the Cananea – La Caridad Porphyry Copper Belt

Located in Sonora, Mexico


Llano del Nogal covers a mineral tenure of 98 square kilometres, held 100% by Orogen Royalties Inc. Orogen claims are subject to a 1% NSR on base metals and a 1.5% NSR on precious metals payable to Altius Minerals.  The project is readily accessed by a network of secondary roads, and Orogen has developed a good relationship with the local community and landowners. 

Llano del Nogal offers: 

·         A prime location on a world-class porphyry copper mineral belt.  It is one of the few hydrothermal systems in the Cananea – La Caridad Porphyry Copper Belt that remains untested by drilling.  

·         Prospective geologic setting for porphyry copper deposits: windows of Cretaceous volcanic rocks cut by Laramide-aged intrusions, favourable erosional level for systems in pre-mineral rocks and beneath post-mineral cover and porphyry-style alteration and copper mineralization in veins and replacement bodies. 

·         A cost-effective turnkey work program of mapping, geochemistry and geophysics leading to drilling is envisioned for interested parties. 


Exploration Highlights

Llano del Nogal displays evidence of an extensive, strong alteration system exposed over some 25 square kilometres.   

·         Airborne magnetics shows two magmatic centers and a large area of magnetite destruction associated with extensive quartz-sericite alteration, quartz-tourmaline veins and polymetallic veins and replacements; 

·         Orogen mapping has identified Laramide intrusions, phyllic and potassic-altered volcanic rocks and quartz-sericite-altered hydrothermal breccias associated with copper mineralization; and 

·         The project has several epicenters of alteration, anomalous geochemistry and base and precious-metal showings.  

Orogen has completed geologic mapping, rock-chip sampling and soil surveys on approximately half of the property.  The company recently added land covering an area interpreted to be an eroded lithocap flanking exposures of phyllic and potassic-altered volcanic rocks.  Mapping and first-pass sampling results from this new area are now available, along with data sets covering the greater Llano del Nogal project area. 

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