Gold-rich carbonate replacement targets in the Pioche District

Located in Nevada


Gold-rich, carbonate replacement (Ag-Pb-Zn) targets hosted in the Cambro-Ordovician unconformity


The Manhattan Gap property is located 20 kilometers (6.5 miles) west of Pioche in Lincoln County, Nevada.


The property lies within the historic Highland mining district, and adjacent to the Pioche and Bristol districts, which have a history of Ag-Pb-Zn mining from carbonate replacement deposits, minor skarn and quartz-sulfide veins. There was also a small amount of production from Au-Ag rich fissure veins and minor Cu and Mn production.


The Manhattan Gap project lies in the geographic center of the Pioche district, and occupies a proximal location relative to the Manhattan stock which sits just west of the property. The project covers a series of northeast trending polymetallic fissure veins hosted in the upper Cambrian Mendha formation with anomalously high Au values. Recent mapping has broken out subunits of the Mendha formation, and identified two grabens rimmed by mineralization where the Cambro-Ordovician unconformity is likely preserved. The primary targets on the project are karst-controlled mantos developed along the Cambro-Ordovician unconformity in these grabens.

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