Classic Carlin-type district southwest of Cortez

Located in Nevada


Carlin-type gold mineralization in a classical Carlin-type setting hosted in Roberts Mountains Formation exposed through an upper plate window with a Mesozoic stock at the center of the district.


The Raven Project is located in the Rabbit Trend in Nevada near the town of Austin, Nevada


The Raven project area has been explored since 1968 by at least ten companies. Lyle Campbell was the original modern claim locator (1968). Since then at least nine companies have completed work on the property: Humble Oil and Refining (1969-1970), Earth Resources (1978-1979), Houston Oil (1980), USMX (1980), Energy Reserves (1980), Cyprus (1986-1988, Digger Resources (1994-1998), Kennecott (2000-2001), Nevada Gold Holdings (2009-2010). Approximately 157 drill holes have been completed in the district. Not all of these are on ground controlled by Orogen Royalties. Within our land position, the highest density of drilling is in the South Zone (36 holes), an area of gold mineralization occurring in upper plate siliciclastic rocks with grades up to 9.977 g/t Au. Previous drilling is historic in nature and has not been verified by Orogen Royalties' QP.

The Raven project comprises one of the few remaining classical Carlin-type settings in Nevada where the discovery of a major deposit has yet to occur. The Roberts Mountains Formation and underlying eastern assemblage Ordovician carbonates are exposed through a window through upper plate Ordovician siliciclastic rocks of the Valmy formation. An undated intermediate phaneritic to porphyritic intrusive suite is present at the center of the district and is thought to be Mesozoic in age, potentially occupying deep-seated and long lived, inverted Proterozoic rift structures.

Gold is widespread throughout the north and south portions of the property associated with decalcified zones peripheral to the metamorphic aureole of the Mesozoic stock.  Many of the gold occurrences on the project are in the upper plate of the Roberts Mountains thrust, including a gold cell with multiple rounds of historic drilling and up to 9.977 g/t Au. Deformed and faulted lower plate rocks beneath these upper plate anomalies comprise the primary target on the property.

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