The NSR Royalty Model

Mining companies sell refined gold produced from their mines and royalty companies get a percentage of that revenue minus transportation, insurance, refining and smelting costs. This type of royalties is known as Net Smelter Return (NSR) royalties.

As a gold royalty company, Orogen will be able to enjoy the potential upside when gold prices rise.

In addition, gold royalty companies share little of the potential risks and costs that miners undertake on infrastructure or operating costs. This allows Orogen to allocate our capital towards growth.

Generating Royalties The Organic Way

Orogen’s model focuses on generating new royalties in an organic manner: Our exploration programs are funded by joint venture partners. If a discovery is made, our joint venture partners have the right to purchase the projects from us in exchange for a royalty, cash and/or shares, and a possible minority equity interest in the project. In this way, Orogen enjoys the fruits of a discovery and future production without spending money on exploration or production costs.

We focus on the creation and acquisition of gold and other precious and base metal royalties in Mexico, Western Canada, Nevada and Western United States.

Why Invest in Orogen?
Directors and Management
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Paddy Nicol
President & CEO
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Roland Butler
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Robert P. Felder
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Timothy M. Janke
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Marc Tran
Chief Financial Officer
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Rosana Batista
Corporate Secretary
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Marco LoCascio
Business Development
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Laurence Pryer
Exploration Manager
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Ignacio Camarena
Exploration Manager
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Nicola Stephen
Geologist, GIS & Database Manager
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Liliana Wong
Marketing & IR Manager
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Saki Tomatsu
Administrative Assistant
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Luzelena Fuentes
Manager of Administration & Accounting
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Gloria Guerrero
United States
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Mark F. Coolbaugh
Chief Geoscientist
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Marilyn Miller
Geologist, Exploration Analytics
Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance (ESG)

Orogen has been able to attract partnerships with top global mining companies, and as a result, we have evolved our own social and environmental standards. We have a shared commitment to safety, community engagement and care for the environment.

Corporate Governance
Audit Committee Charter
Code of Conduct
Corporate Disclosure Policy
Insider Trading Policy
Whistle Blower Policy

These policy documents were inherited from Evrim Resources Corp. and are subject to ratification by the Orogen Board of Directors.